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Whether you are considering the pros and cons of taking action on your big entrepreneurial idea, or contemplating a career move, or seeking direction in your relationship, you already intuitively know the answers to your most pressing concerns.

You want help to navigate from challenge to decision in the most efficient way. Your Intuition Coach, Suzanne, offers you effective intuitive tools and processes that will impact your success.

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I get you.

You make decisions every day. Some decisions are simple, others are more complex and may involve high-risk consequences.

You are smart and those around you may even say you are “the voice of reason”.

You rely on your good decision-making skills such as weighing out the pros and cons and you depend on tried and tested common sense to make the best decisions.


Doesn’t it bug you when you can’t shake that nagging gut feeling or voice in your head that goes against all logic? The inconclusive paper trail of data makes your head spin and your stomach twist up in knots.

The data doesn’t match your instincts.

Something isn’t adding up.

Reason says it’s the right thing to do, but something feels wrong.

If your logic is in conflict with your intuition and you want clarity, you have come to the right place.

Yes, it’s a crazy mind trick and we all deal with the “logic-versus-intuition-conflict” when we are making important life decisions that have real consequences such as in business and work, financial investments, relationships, health, and other Life concerns.

Hi. My name is Suzanne Michelle and I guide smart people like you through your most important life decisions, bridging the conflict gap when logic and intuition don’t agree.

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