Your Intuition Is Not Emotional


  1. Lester

    I agree with what you are saying. I spent my life time of not to feel and letting my emotions take charge. Every time in therapy I Was to welcome my emotions and then try to interpret them all I felt was confusion and anger. Until till I begin to connect with what My body was feeling and where the feeling was in my body only then did my whole life begin to become with less confusion. Because emotion is only the interpretation of what what I believe to be true and not the truth. Like belief systems such as Christianity which is based only only what others believe to be truth. Yet it is taught as babsolute fact when when it is only what another believes to be truth. Feeling is heart communication which is the heart of intuition, which requires one to be still to know. Then and only then can one hear what is ones truth and it is only my truth this truth is only our truth. Stop and smell, see, feel, hear, taste, the Flowers our sensory system can not lie, we try to feel according to past events and teaching which may or may not be truth.

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