One on One - Intuitive Coaching With Suzanne

One Size Doesn’t Fit All
You are smart and unique and if you are like me, you don’t hire just anyone when you are facing big decisions concerning work, health, wealth, or relationships. Trust is important to you. You also want a great return on your investment. I get it.

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Each intuitive coaching session will be designed around your specific desired outcome and tailored to fit your individual needs and core values.

I am ready to meet you where you currently are and accelerate your success through my clear intuitive insights and grounded approach, uncovering the limiting blind-spots that challenge your specific desired outcome. Once you can get clear and unstuck, you will then be given tangible action steps to move forward.

Imagine what it will feel like to be free from the frustrating stuck feeling that keeps you up at night!

What you can expect from your intuitive coaching 4-session package

  • Session 1:  Clear Insight – 45 min

Together, we will reveal and clarify your exact desired outcome right out of the gate. This may shift during the session, but it is a great starting point. You will receive laser focused insights that will shine the light on perspectives and points of view that you may not have explored concerning your situation. The new insights will connect the dots and create an outline of the picture you can imagine for the actualized end-goal vision. It will be like projecting the clear vision on a big screen for you to see. The Clear Insight session is revealing, inspiring and expansive and will guide you towards the next step on your journey, beyond the limited horizon line.

My approach is clear and direct and I take the shortest route to make the greatest impact on your specific desired outcome. When I get going, my passion for your success is unstoppable.

  • Session 2:  So Now What – 60 min

This session is all about what is in the here and now of your situation. We will crack the codes of your subconscious and unconscious emotional drivers, motives, and impulses that feed on the underbelly of your frustrations, keeping you stuck. Your feelings of frustration are a symptom of the root cause. We will uncover the root cause of your frustration and the root cause of why you are stuck.

We will go deep into the emotional landscape of your unique situation. When you can locate your-self in the unconscious choices you are making, you will know exactly what is actually holding you back. You will make practical sense of what emotional energy you have been creating from up to this point in your life. Awareness is key. This session is highly enlightening, transformational, and invaluable.

  • Session 3:  Move to Action – 60 min

Your energy will have dramatically shifted during the previous sessions and you are now ready to move your body into decisive action and you are committed to a successful outcome. If there are any lingering leaks or pinholes in the emotional, mental, or energetic system, we will identify and plug up those limiting thoughts or beliefs, sabotaging behavior patterns, or fears and anxieties. You will have a clear game plan to address any future mental or emotional obstacles. From this solid foundation, you can now create from an empowered and confident position.

  • Session 4:  Next Step Direction – 60 min

The mind is the gatekeeper, keeping you from taking action on your goals and dreams. In this session, you will learn how to take the steps through the mental minefield of obstacles and conflicts that keep you from your desired outcome. We will interrupt the old thought patterns and anchor new mind hacks that will take you beyond what you “think”. You will learn energy techniques and tips to keep the mind from running your life.

  • ***Additional bonus to the 4 coaching sessions:

You will also have the option to interact with me via e-mail/text where I will answer any questions you have or provide additional support after our session. The limit is 4 e-mails with a 15-minute max time per interaction per e-mail. I’m sure we could chat for hours, but it’s best to keep a reign on the time. The best way for you to interact with me is to present a clear and concise question or concern so we can have a productive dialogue. You’ve got this! I believe in you.

Let’s connect either locally in my Boise, Idaho office or globally via Skype or Telephone. I offer a one-time single ‘Clear Insight’ coaching session or a 4-session coaching package, which includes the Clear Insight session. I am confident each session will get you rocking to your highest level of success.

***The Clear Insight Session can be scheduled as a one-time session, as a stand alone from the 4-session package.