Intuition vs Logic


  1. Steve

    Each holy writing dating tens of thousands of years speaks of reason rather than logic. Come let us reason together is the prompt. Do you know the difference?

    • Suzanne Michelle

      I do not know because I have not studied holy texts in depth to be able to answer that question. I am not sure how reason is used in context. Depending of the context and how the word, “reason”, is used? I’m not sure. Do you have any ideas?

  2. IQ’s Attracting IA’s … Definition: Only Intelligent Questions will attract Intelligent Answers.

    So if the above premise is both intuitively and logically valid then:

    #1) What is it that serves as the dividing line, the fence, the boarder, the moat that is separating Intuition from Logic?

    #2) IQ: How exactly does the (i) Intuitive Logical vibratory state of being … relate with the … (ii) Logical Intuitive vibratory state of being? Is there an intuitive logic that is logically intuitive and if so where the two are coherently symbiotic what does that collective elixir create?

    #3) How would one go about defining the Matrix, i.e. that which sires the Omni Universal Conscious Mind … in terms of the (a) Quality and (b) Quantity of its (i) Intuitive … at-one-with Greek Nous (experiential knowing as in Metanoia ) and its (ii) Cause-Effect Logical Context-Content Framework?

    • Suzanne Michelle

      You know me…I like to keep it simple. The questions are way over my head. I can address the dividing line: I think this is the dance floor where our intuition and logic does the 2-Step holy dance. Both logic and intuition are a valuable way in which we see the world and make sense of it (or at least, TRY to make sense of it). XOXOXO

  3. And if anyone can make a hill-of-beans of sense out of the above … congratulations and condolences for you have not only found … but are obviously a “live” resident living deeply in, and with Einsteins’s unified field.

    So please share with us all. How exactly – in terms of quanta and qualia does the intuitive logic … differ from the … logical intuitive?

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