Intuition or Ego? – How to Know the Difference.


  1. Steven Pallesen

    Being in the physical, masculine, I have been in touch with my feminine these past 14 years and at first these were in the most part polar opposites I have found they are characteristically both now in the middle. Is the heart of intuition and the mind of ego similar in that instead of being opposites these both merge in the center of one’s being?

    • Oh my goodness, Steven…could I just give you a big ol’ squeeze for this insightful comment? My purpose with Intuition Coaching is to bridge the gap of polarization that we have about our hearts and our brains. One is not better than the other, just like a man or woman is not better than the other. I am here in female form and I am developing my balanced feminine and masculine energy to reflect my wholeness, like you. I believe that the heart of intuition and the mind of ego each have both feminine and masculine attributes. Bridging the two is key. I used to be very imbalanced in that I was way too intuitive and I have been developing my analytical brain to put form to my intuitive hits! One doesn’t really work with out the other….it’s a perfect partnership. By the way, you really made an impact on me when I met you at the Green Expo. I hope we bump into each other again. There is a meetup group that I belong to that you might be interested in checking out (It’s all things Quantum). Email me at if you are interested.

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