Fear or Intuition. Trust Your YES!


  1. Steven

    In the beginning it was so strange for me to hear my voice since most of my life the voice has been the Adversary, anxiety, threats of harm to myself and family. I still have these. Intuitive living for me has been letting go of my expectations for results and allowing the universe to help and guide me in what prove to be lessons of valuable experience. I’ve had to place everything I was taught to be true on the table and let my life unfold. Like the game of Jeopardy my Life is the Answer then it is for me to come up with the question and this continues to evolve and grow as though I am working my way out of a grave of lies, deceptions, and myths of this world. I became celibate to eliminate compromise and have found harmony without compromise. I also realize I became celibate to let go of my Identity. The past 22 years my path of the heart (intuition) has been more saying NO and even then my journey has taken me places I did not want to go. Many wonderful lessons I learned there yet I feel bruised and scarred from these experiences. I have been taught also what is true, Mercy and Truth. That our true character and nature is self-governing freewill sovereign beings and this world has stripped us of both. Thanks for your time in sharing today at Trader Joe’s. 🙂

  2. Suzanne Michelle

    I was going to drive home after I took my little Izzie dog out for a run, but fortunately I didn’t go home and drove to the store. What a surprise and delight to run into you. Your wisdom always inspires me. You are a diamond, dear Sir!

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