Tap into your best decision-making, integrating your clear logic with smart intuition.

Your intuition is the most valuable and reliable natural energy resource you have. Let me show you how to tap into your intuition to give you clear insights to your most pressing concerns, creating your best Life.

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Hello. My name is Suzanne Michelle and I am your Intuition Coach.

I am a native Southern Californian and made my way to the open spaces of my current home in Boise, Idaho. I share a home with my amazing partner, Nathen, and my australian/border collie-mixed canine, Izzie. I am grateful to be surrounded by the most loyal and loving friends and family.

When I am not out walking in the foothills with Izzie or serving my clients from my office, over looking the Boise River, I can be found taking advantage of the Idaho recreational outdoor life. I love riding my snowboard in the winter months and backpacking, hiking, and biking during the warmer months.

I love doing anything outdoors as that is where I find the most inspiration from the natural source I call God – the One I see in Everything. I am religious about human and animal rights. I am also religious about spreading the Love and sharing good vibes.

I have been practicing traditional healing bodywork and intuition coaching to relieve the stuck areas in my client’s physical and energetic mind and body since 2004. That same year, I completely transformed my career from electrical semiconductor technology to the healing arts. So I know what it takes to integrate my rational thinking mind with my experiential intuitive body.

I guide decision-makers like you through the intuitive choice points concerning your biggest life concerns, helping you to create clear decisions with your whole body in mind. I know that you are dynamic and your entire body includes that beautiful mind of yours along with the emotions and impulses and desires the rest of your body offers as data that informs and influences your mind.

I LIGHT UP when I am guiding you through your work and business concerns as well as your relationships, helping to create purpose and meaning to your Life.

I am your Intuition Coach. I am not your intuitive or your psychic. You know you better than I know you. You’re smart and you would simply like my guidance to help you through the intuitive decision-making process so you can trust your intuition with clarity and confidence.

You want to take effective action on your brilliant ideas and make the best decisions in all of your work and life concerns.