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Discernment Is the New Black

What Do YOU Think?   We live in a world of contrast and we cannot get away from contrast, but we can get away from judgment. We naturally operate from perceptions of contrast in that we need contrast to perceive our preferences to colors in nature, flavors in foods, sounds in music, among other sensations. In fact, even in this video I am using contrast to differentiate consciously aware people and hateful people. Contrast is a force that is very alive and real. Contrast is different than judgment and judgment is different than discernment. Enjoy! In this 4 min 19
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Could All of the Noise Be the Real Public Enemy?

What if we replaced negative noise with positive noise by our everyday thoughts?   In this 6 minute, 17 sec video, you will be invited to ask yourself: …How your intuition can be used to uplift humanity? …Can you imagine yourself spreading higher wisdom and hope with new positive responses instead of contributing towards the negative energy patterns of hopelessness and old negative reactions? …What benefit do you get from NOT releasing your beliefs about how you “should” react to an external circumstance, such as a tragedy that you have no control over? I wonder what kind of global shift
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